Hybrid Solar Storage system 20KW

Hybrid solar storage system 20KW.

Three phase high voltage,Lithium iron phosphate battery BYD blade cell.
● Higher yields, reduce electricity costs by 50% per year
● Free energy available at night
● Participate in peak load shifting to gain additional economic benefits
● keeping critical load operation in power off
● Support 7*24 remote service
● Solar Villa
● Telecom Base Station
● Solar Plus Storage
● Solar Farm
● Residential Rooftop
● Field Power Supply

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  • Lifetime free maintenance
  • 3-10years warranty
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hybrid solar storage system 20KW.

40KWH 307.2V 130AH lithium battery ,BYD cell,include BMS 、BMU、high voltage control box

Quality Hybrid Solar Storage system 10KW
Quality Hybrid Solar Storage system 20KW

three phase , three phase high voltage 10year warranty,BYB LifePO4 cells ,BYB bms

three phase high voltage inverters series is a high quality smart hybrid solar inverter which can convert solar energy to AC energy and store energy into battery. Worked with high voltage battery both lead-acid and lithium lifepo4 type,

the mppt solar hybrid inverter has multiple application modes such as self-consumption, peak shaving and valley filling, and backup power supply. Depends on the PV energy and user preferences.

It is compatible with single-phase load and three-phase load, support 100% unbalanced load, extending the application scenarios.

Quality hybrid solar storage system 10KW hybrid on/off grid system

Quality Hybrid Solar Storage system 10KW connect
Quality Hybrid Solar Storage system 20KW connect


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