Surprising Benefits: Reliable Solar Beacon Light

Explore the surprising benefits of a reliable Solar Beacon Light. Perfect for security and energy efficiency. Get yours today!
Model EC 130S  has measures such as over current, over voltage,under voltage protection and high temperature protection.

  • Optional light colors: red, green, white, yellow, blue.
  • Line of sight 2-3 nautical miles;Angle:360°;
  • Vertical illumination angle >10°
    Effective light quality 256 types IALA recommended;
  • LED lifetime >100,000 hours
    Working power <0.5W;
  • LifePO4 Battery capacity 12V/7Ah
    Mono Solar panel power 5W;
  • Quiescent current <1mA
    Power conversion efficiency >85%;
  • Daylight valve sensitivity 250±100 Lux
  • Working temperature -30°C ~ +75°C;
  • Lens diameter 130mm
  • Design service life >10 years

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  • Quality assurance Fast delivery!
  • Lifetime free maintenance
  • 3-10years warranty
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Solar Beacon Light ,Solar Obstruction light.
 Solar Beacon Light ecoolpower
Solar Beacon Light ecoolpower
Model EC130S solar integrated navigation light adopts internationally renownedIt is highly efficient and can be used in high latitude and low sunlight areas. The lamp
Can be encoded to produce 256 flash qualities (in line with IALA standards),
Can be equipped with RS485 interface (for docking with remote control telemetry terminal).
This style Suitable for ships, inland rivers, bridges, shore signs and highway obstruction lights Waiting on a buoy or building.
Made of cast aluminum, sturdy and durable
When you have an emergency at sea, there are no lights,How did you get first aid?
Methods are as follows: turn on Solar Beacon Light emergency lights, call the rescue number 110,911. Ect.
Solar Powered High Intensity Obstruction Light,aviation obstruction beacon.
high quality Dock dedicated solar integrated LED marine beacon light
solar powered LED high intensity red obstruction light, solar self-contained design makes it easy to install any emergency case.Maximum visibility distance 40KM
Once fully charged, it can work for up to 6 days in flashing mode and 3 days in fixed mode.
High rise building marking;Telecom tower marking;Road obstruction marking;
Navigation aid Port, dock entrance&walkway;Buoy marking

Installation guidance:

  1. Turn on the lamp body and adjust the flash quality (refer to this manual). When leaving the factory, the quality of the lamp is set to “17”.
  2. Make sure the battery voltage is between 12 volts and 14.6 volts. If the battery voltage is too low, charge in the sun for several hours in advance.
  3. Turn the lamp base switch S1 up to “ON”, to work properly (except during the day).
  4. It is recommended to test whether the navigation lights work properly. An opaque item (such as a towel or coat) can be placed on a beacon lens to see if the flash is flashing according to the light quality set.
  5. Fix the navigation light on a flat horizontal surface. Installation complete.                             

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Quality assurance:
Quality Assurance Conditions
1. the installation of the beacon lamp must be correctly installed in accordance with the product instructions.
2. shall not change electrical specifications and circuits without manufacturer’s confirmation.
3. warranty for solar modules and batteries used in conjunction with the navigation lamp is specified separately.


Product specifications:

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Performance indicators:

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solar beacon light ecoolpower 9 ECOOL POWER


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