Absolutely Remarkable Solar Moon Light for Your Home

Experience the absolutely remarkable benefits of solar moon light for your home. Illuminate your surroundings like never before,let your walking Safe and garden beautiful for Outdoor Pathway And Walkway.

  • 12Watt power over 1800lm.
  • 3.2V 105Wh LifePO4 battery with 40W5V mono solar panel.
  • Automatic Operation 12hours at night ,backup 5-7 rainy
  • illuminate your pathways throughout night, without adding to your electricity bill.
  • Whether it’s rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, it will continue to shine bright.

Free LOGO Print& OEM customization

  • Quality assurance Fast delivery!
  • Lifetime free maintenance
  • 3-10years warranty
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Solar Moon Light 12W as named Solar Garden Light,Solar road light 1800lm.

Solar Moon Light 12W ecoolpower
Solar Moon Light 12W ecoolpower

Model No.:ML-40
LED Power:12W
Mono Solar panel:40W/5V
LifePo4 Battery:32.8AH/3.2V
Luminous :1500-1800LM
LED Chip Brand:Bridgelux
Control mode:light control / time control /time&microwave control / microwave control
Charge Time:4-5h
Discharge Time:5-7 rainy days
Continuous Rainy Days:4-5days
Working Temperature:-20°℃ – 60°℃ Charge above 0°℃
Mounting Height:3-6meters Top diameter of pole 60mm
Installation Spacing :8-10meters
Certifications:CE ROHS FCC IP65
Applications:Rural & Farm & Village, Street & Road & Path,
Residential & Community & Public areas,Garden & Parks & Villa & Courtyard, Parking lot & hotel,
Square & School, Desert &Prairie, also for Camping,Orchard, Night Fishing.

Key Features:

  1. Solar-Powered: Harnesses the power of the sun to charge during the day and illuminate your surroundings at night. No need for external power sources, reducing energy bills and environmental impact.
  2. 12W LED: Equipped with a high-quality 12-watt LED bulb, providing bright and energy-efficient lighting for various outdoor spaces.
  3. Moon Shape Design: Inspired by the gentle glow of the moon, this light features a sleek and modern design that adds aesthetic appeal to any landscape.
  4. Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor: Automatically turns on at dusk and switches off at dawn, ensuring hassle-free operation and efficient energy utilization.
  5. Weatherproof Construction: Built to withstand outdoor elements, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for all seasons.
  6. Easy Installation: Simple and straightforward installation process, requiring no wiring or complicated setup. Mount it on walls, fences, or poles with ease.
  7. Long Lifespan: Utilizes durable materials and advanced technology to ensure longevity and reliability, minimizing maintenance requirements.
  8. Environmentally Friendly: By utilizing solar power, this light reduces carbon emissions and promotes sustainability, making it an eco-conscious choice.


  • Pathways and Walkways
  • Gardens and Landscapes
  • Parks and Recreational Areas
  • Residential Communities
  • Commercial Properties
  • Remote Locations without access to electricity


  • Energy Savings
  • Cost-Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Enhanced Safety and Security
  • Eco-Friendly Solution


The Light 12W power offers a versatile and sustainable lighting solution for various outdoor applications.
With its solar-powered functionality, durable construction, and aesthetic design,

it provides reliable illumination while contributing to a greener future. Experience the convenience and efficiency of solar lighting .
Whether you’re lighting up a residential garden, a community park, or a commercial walkway, it is versatile enough to suit various outdoor settings.
Its reliable performance and elegant design make it a perfect choice for any outdoor lighting project.

1 review for Absolutely Remarkable Solar Moon Light for Your Home

  1. Ahmed Al-Julaydan

    Absolutely loving these Solar Moon Lights! 🌙 With 12W of power, they create such a dreamy ambiance in my outdoor space. Their unique design resembles a glowing moon, adding a touch of magic to my garden. Plus, being solar-powered, they’re eco-friendly and cost-effective. Installation is a breeze – no wiring required! These lights have truly elevated the charm of my backyard. ✨🌳 #SolarEnergy #LandscapeLighting”

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