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3.2V or 12.8v solar street light advantages?

3.2V cost is cheaper than 12.8V, but 3.2V is not good for rainy day,the 3.2V solar lighting is Virtual label power.

3.2V solar street lamp system voltage

Advantages: 3.2V solar street lights are cheap, and small household solar lights use this system voltage to be more economical.

Disadvantages: low brightness, low efficiency, higher requirements for the line body and LED lamp beads, because the solar street lamp power of at least 20W, so it will cause too much current, light source damage fast, system instability, often lead to the use of about two years to replace the lithium battery and light source.

12.8V solar street lamp system voltage

Advantages: high brightness, working efficiency is about 20% higher than 3.2V system voltage, system stability, longer overall service life.

Disadvantages: Of course, the price will be higher compared to 3.2V solar street lights

3.2v solar light

3.2v solar light

12.8V Solar street light

12.8V Solar street light

all in two solar street light 20W 80W12.8V ecoolpower 13 ECOOL POWER

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