Superbright Solar LED floodlight

Superbright Solar LED floodlight
LED Power: 4.8±0.5 Watts max-18..5±0.5 Watts max
Luminous flux: 880lm-3380lm
Efficiency : > 175lm/Watt
Color temperature : 3000K / 6000K
Solar Panel : 10V 15 Watt POLY-10V 50Watt
LifePO4 Battery : 6.4V 38.4WH-6.4V 154WH
Battery lifetime : > 2000 cycles
Cable length: 5 meters
Remote control: Yes
Lighting area: 12 ~ 60㎡
Temporary Tents Lighting
* Pathway Lighting
* Warehouse Lighting
* Refugee Tents Lighting
* Construction Sites Lighting
* Bus Stations Lighting
* Emergency Lighting
* Garden Lighting
* Hotel Lighting
* Horse Stable Lighting
Energy-saving and environmental protection super-bright competitive price and best quality solar flood light
3years warranty

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