Solar Tube light 12W-80W

Solar Tube T5 T8 Batten (Tri-Proof) Light 12W-80W Tube
Solar Panel:10W-38W
Solar Battery:12.2Ah-30Ah/12V
Discharge time: 36hours
Charge time:6-8hours
IP65 Economical and multifunctional use.
with Motion Sensor and Remote Control is an advanced commercial-grade energy-efficient lighting system fully independent from the grid and suitable for vide indoor and outdoor use. Powerful 12W-80W light is backed up by a 12.2Ah-30Ah Lithium battery for long-lasting performance up to 36h. The batten light is operated via the fully-autonomous Motion Sensor Unit [optional] or Remote Control Pad with extended functionality including brightness adjustment 8-100%. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.

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