Powerful Super bright Solar bollard garden light 3W

How to find a suitable delicate and sturdy Superbright Solar bollard garden light 3W

    Superbright Solar bollard garden light 3W, Powerfull & Sturdy RGB Solar bollard light ,How to find a suitable delicate solar garden lamp,Auto switch solar garden light,premium garden lamp, refined and crafted by professionals that love their job!A great choice for solar garden light,save electricity bill & protect environment,discharge time 8-12hours at nigh, backup 3 rainy days.Warm white walkway light gives out a soft light through “windows”, it offers very good illumination effect ,comfortable and fascinating.It is also a good choice to be put in the garden or flowerbed as decorative light,which creates fantastic and romantic atmosphere.Perfect for path, patio, garden, lawn, villa, landscape, balcony and any other outdoor places.

solar bollar light

    Superbright Solar bollard garden light 3W is a perfect product for gardens. parking,pathway, etc.There are three models available including AI-GL260R,AI-GL255R, and AI-GL255S,AI-GL260R is an lK10 vandal-resistant solar-ledbollard light with a polycarbonate dome over the solar panel. Itcan protect the solar panel from strike very well, it reaches tohigh performance in impact resistance up to the IK10+ level.with the curved dome, dust will not be accumulated but to beeasily flushed off when raining.

Comparing with AI-GL260R,there is no polycarbonate dome for AI-GL255S and AI-GL255R, While AI-GL255S and AI-GL255R have higher brightness output performance than AI-GL260R,All three models areadopting ultra-high lumens LEDup to 200lm/W.Especially thereis a mirror reflector inside of the light head which increases thelumens of reflection very well. AI-GL255S is in a square shape and AI-GL255R is in a round shape.A colorful night can be easily created by the RGBCW model with2.4G remote control.

Designing Concept
All solar lights are designed with an aesthetic appearance,simple slim curvy with modern look.

Quality Positioning
Especially designed for high-end customers with stable quality,smooth and fine workmanship, perfect after-sales support.

Users can change the color temperature or set any colorful
atmosphere easily with remote.

Sturdy and unbreakable lamp case, IK10
Superbright Solar bollard garden light 3W

2.4G Remote Control:
One remote can control all these lights with in 25 meters in open air place. We suggest you to buy 1 remote control for every 5 pieces of RGBCW solar lights.


Motion Sensor Function:
Motion sensor function is optional in order to save battery energy, to be used for the regions where sunshine is weak especially in winter. 30%+100% when
sensor is triggered for all night operation.


IK10 vandalresistant solar led bollard lightis aninnovationin 2019,
comparing with all the solar bollard light on market, solar
bollard has a few significant advantages : 1. Dome made bypolycarbonate with high transmittance ratio 96% to protect thesolar panel from strike, it gets an excellent performance in impactresistance which reaches to lKlo+ level.
Thanks to the nice curved design dome on top of solar panel, noany dust will be accumulated, all the dust will only fall onpolycarbonate dome and be easily flushed away when raining. 3.This lightis designed based onahighspecification,using6.2W solarpanel and super quality of LifePO4 battery 3.2V 12AH, it offers acontinuouslightingoutputforall nightand backup for3~4nights.4.RGBCW full color models are available.Any color youlike can be setvia the 2.4Gwireless touch remotecontrol.


AI-GL255R wall mounted solar light is equiped with high capacity 3.2V12AH of lifePO4 battery pack and high efficiency MONO solar panel,It has a asthetic appearance and quality finishing. With same solarlight head,itcan fitto different heightor desgins oflightpillars.
The lifepo4 battery pack are wellintegrated inside of lighthead asacomplete unit.it connects to the control board with DC connectorswhich makes the replacement orrepaire work much easier.The bigbattery pack is able to support light to work for 3-4 days withoutcharging once full charged. Light head and light pillar can bepacked seperated in order to save shipping cost with less space.
2.4G wireless remote set any color as wishis an big selling point,Each remote can control all the light heads within up to 30metersin open ai.It creats avery beatiful nights with colors easily.

AI-GL255S is a ultra powerful bollard light with high lumensoutputupto 450lm output. Itis very suitable for hotel, garden,park, hotel, etc.it integrated a 9.6w MONO solar panel with high efficiency uptol9.5% and 3.2V 12V lifePO4 battery pack to storage the power.Amirror reflectorin towershape is fixed inside oflight fixturein orderto increase the lumens output and gives a more uniform lightingperformance. Once the battery is fully charged, the lightisable towork for3~5days in very cloudy or raining days.
The light head is individual from the pillar which can be easiliymounted with a small driver, itislK08and lP67rated. White version(WW+DW+CW)and RGBCW verision (2.4G remote contorl) areavaible. Customer can buy onlytwo typesoflighthead,butcan buy4 kinds of pillars,it makes slling will be very flexible to satisfy anycustomers’ requirements but with less stock.. The pillar’s heightcan be customized according to customers’ requirements.

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