Superbright Solar LED floodlight

Superbright Solar LED floodlight
LED Power: 4.8±0.5 Watts max-18..5±0.5 Watts max
Luminous flux: 880lm-3380lm
Efficiency : > 175lm/Watt
Color temperature : 3000K / 6000K
Solar Panel : 10V 15 Watt POLY-10V 50Watt
LifePO4 Battery : 6.4V 38.4WH-6.4V 154WH
Battery lifetime : > 2000 cycles
Cable length: 5 meters
Remote control: Yes
Lighting area: 12 ~ 60㎡
Temporary Tents Lighting
* Pathway Lighting
* Warehouse Lighting
* Refugee Tents Lighting
* Construction Sites Lighting
* Bus Stations Lighting
* Emergency Lighting
* Garden Lighting
* Hotel Lighting
* Horse Stable Lighting
Energy-saving and environmental protection super-bright competitive price and best quality solar flood light
3years warranty

What is it?
Superbright Solar LED floodlight is a brand new and premium quality solar-led flood light, specifically developed in 2021 for the clients who have high demands in out look,design,
finishing, brightness, control options, packing and after-sale service. . It is superior to all other models on market. VENUS is made with the highest
quality level to satisfy and beyond customers’ all quality expectation
Unlike most solar lighting that will not operate when the solar panel is exposed to sunlight, we have installed a custom program that allows you to use
the remote to turn on the floodlight freely regardless of external light conditions. VENUS will be the perfect solar light to expand your business.
OEM are welcomed.

Superbright Solar LED floodlight is the latest combination of advanced battery technology and solar panel as well as led technology.
It has become very popular recently because of its superb mobility, easy installation, and cost-effectiveness.
it is widely used for many applications as garden lighting, billboard lighting, carport
lighting, yard lighting, warehouse lighting, parking lighting, etc.
One research in 2020 showed all customers are strongly positive and believe there are huge demands for solar flood light in their local market, More than 90%
of customers are not satisfied with the quality of existing solar flood light on the market. VENUS solar flood light is specially developed with its clear and
high-quality positioning to satisfy all the expectations of premium customers. Different from models on market, VENUS solar flood light is making a lot of
1. Equipped with brand new lifepo4 battery instead of used ones from E-vehicles.
2. Equipped with 2.4G remote with 360° signal transmission, more sensitivity and longer distance
3. Equipped with microwave sensor , multi-lighting functions optional.
4. Equipped with the highest lighting efficiency LED chip up to 200lm/w max.
5. Equipped with a separated adapter cable for more easier connection.
6. Equipped with stainless steel ON/OFF button.
7. Improved installation method of solar panel, more user-friendly installation.

Designing Concept
VENUS solar floodlight is
designed with an aesthetic
appearance, simple slim curvy,
and more modern.
Quality Positioning
Specially designed for high-end
customers with stable quality,
smooth and fine workmanship,
perfect after-sales support.
Users can customize the lighting
program freely as needed,
support lighting up at day time


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2.4G remote control
Long-distance with 360 degrees signal
transmission, one remote can control
multi lights at the same time in one area.

lifepo4 battery
Brand new, ultra-long lifetime, big
the capacity of LifePO4 battery pack is built
inside guarantees system to work stably

adapter cable
Individual 4.5 meters cable to connect
solar panel and light fixture, It makes the
installation easier and flexible

motion sensor
Built-in motion sensor program. off+100%
power for 1 minute, or 30%+100% power
when the sensor is triggered.

Woven glass
Lighting performance is becoming more
uniformed with 4.0mm woven glass, and
makes lights look more elegant.

indicator light
Different color of indicator lights shows
the rest battery capacity, Convenient for

Switch button
Stainless steel button with rubber cap
covered is adopted for easy operation.

waterproof connector
A specially designed connector guarantees
a high level of waterproof performance.
IP67 standard.

bracket cap
Bracket is stronger with cap ,easy to
adjust the angle and more aesthetic.

Comparative advantage:

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