Solar Roof Fan 18W-180W

Solar Roof Fan 18W-180W

Solar Warehouse DC Roof Industrial Ventilation Fan Cooling Kit Air Vent Fan with Smart Solar System 18w-180w

A self-contained axial flow solar roof ventilator, taking advantage of natural solar power, making active ventilation efficiently and quietly by top grade brushless motor. As an energy-saving green ventilation solution for a healthy & comfortable environment!

Solar Fan that Can Keep Working 24 Hours
Powered by solar energy in sunny daytime. In sunless time, such as: rainy days and night, we have optional backup power sources: solar battery system and adapter system that keep the fan working.
This way, there are no time or weather constraints, and the solar fan can always work for you!

Solar Panel

LiFePO4 Battery(bulit in)

1.Charge and discharge times ≥ 2000 times.
2.Service Cycle life: about 10 years.
3.The discharge current is stronger.
4.Higher capacity.

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