Ultimate Solar Power Bank Guide – Easily Energized!

Discover the ultimate solar power bank to keep your devices charged. Explore features, tips, and must-knows for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers.It gives you the freedom and energy to go anywhere you want, making it perfect for all your adventures.

  • Battery Capacity:10,000/15000/20000/30000mAhbuilt to last.
  • 20W USB-C PD output.
  • 2x USB output5V 2A 1A.
  • SunPower solar panel.
  • Splash-proof (IPX4)
  • Powerful integrated LED flashlight
  • 15Ah 2xUSB  Solar Battery Charger Mobile Slim Body Power Bank Bright emergency 6 LED Light DualMost of mobile devices iPhone, Samsung, Android Smartphones, iPad, Android Tablets, Mobile Phones, MP3 Player, GPS, et

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  • Quality assurance Fast delivery!
  • Lifetime free maintenance
  • 3-10years warranty
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Solar power bank ;10000mAh,15000mAh,20000mAh,30000mAh.

solar power bank ecoolpower
solar power bank ecoolpower

It is a rugged outdoor solar charger, built to last. It gives you the freedom and energy to go anywhere you want, making it perfect for all your adventures.
lithium battery
20W USB-C PD output
2x USB output
Built-in 1,2W SunPower® solar panel
Splash-proof (IPX4)
Powerful integrated LED flashlight.

Dual USB Solar Battery Charger Mobile Power Bank 15000mAhSolar Power Bank 15Ah, output 5V2A and 5A 1A
15Ah 2xUSB  Solar Battery Charger Mobile Slim Body Power Bank Bright emergency 6 LED Light Dual USB Output Ports Control of Power indicator Compatible with most electronic gadgets and mobile devices IPhone, Samsung, Android Smartphones, IPad, Android Tablets, Mobile Phones, MP3 Player, GPS, etc

Brand New Universal Travel Solar Power Battery Charger is a portable Power Bank with 15000mAh capacity and Build-In Bright emergency Travel Light. The compact size makes Battery Charger convenient to carry and travel with. The Power Bank Battery Charger is efficient to recharge any portable USB Devices and Digital Gadgets anytime and anywhere.

Portable lightweight Power Bank provides Multi-Output included Protected Hidden Dual USB and One Micro USB charging ports that allow charging few electronic devices at the same. Two charging options: can be charged by the sunshine or via computer or AC power makes device universal and independent from Solar Power in a case when the sunshine is not intense enough.

This Solar battery Charger designed for travelling and an active lifestyle, outdoor activities, and sport. Environmentally friendly materials make Portable Battery Charger durable and convenient to use in different conditions.

All these features make Mobile Solar Battery Charger convenient to use for special events and everyday use. Smart Design, Stylish appearance and high-performance functionality make this model of Solar Battery Charger one of must-have gadgets.

Ideal for: emergency charging a battery of any electronic devices, mobile gadgets, smartphones or mobile phones while travelling, camping, hiking or spending all day at the beach. Friends, partners or Colleagues will also appreciate Solar Battery Charger is a Smart Gift for Christmas, Birthday or special corporate event.

For whom: a practical active-lifestyle person for whom electronic devices and mobile gadgets make a big difference. Also for tourists, extremals, adrenalin seekers, travellers, hikers, fisherman’s and hunters, people living in remote areas.


– Slim Body, Durable Case Shell.
– Energy Efficient, Environment-Friendly Charger powered with Solar Power Green Energy.
– Long Operating Time: High Capacity Built-In 10000mAh Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery.
– Multiple Intelligent Security Protection from Overcharging, Discharging, Overloading.
– Protected Hidden Dual USB Charging Ports for charging two devices at the same time.
– Bright Traveling Emergency 6 LED Flashlight with adjustable lighting mode.
– Compatible with most electronic gadgets and mobile devices:
iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Android Tablets, iPad, iPod, USB Digital Devices and most Smartphones and Mobile Phones, GPS, other portable electronics.

Package Included:
1 x Solar Power Bank.
1 x V8 USB Cable (30cm)
Important Note: Solar Battery Charger specially designed for emergencies when you need it and do not consider as a primary source of energy for charging electronic devices due to the compact Solar Panel size. Solar Power Charging mode depends on sun activity and intensity and might be not as fast as expected.
We highly recommend to fully charging Solar Bank via an AC adapter or computer to shorten the charge time before you are going out. For the first time, it is better to charging the battery for about 10 hours to fully activate the battery.


10000mAh, 15000mAh, 20000mAh, 30000mAh


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