Smart Solar Flood light with WIFI camera 100W-600W

    Solar flood light with WIFI camera is our patented product, designed to provide users with high-qualitysolar photovoltaic street lamp, and has passed CE and a number of international certification. “Wiring free, easy to install” , “high chargingefficiency” , “strong endurance”and “outstanding light efficiency”arethe main advantages of this product.Large capacity lithium battery is builtinto the lamp body, which can absorb solar energy and convert into electricenergy by solar panel is stored in the battery and then supplied to the solarlamp.Products are widely used in courtyard, highway ,Park,Yard,garden,road,street road and other areas.

High-Definition Camera 1080HD Clients feedback

Smart Solar Flood light with WIFI camera 100W-600W
Specification (Optional camera function):

Smart Solar Flood light with WIFI camera 100W-600W Product Advantages:

1. High lumens, brightnessincreased by 30% ,Competitive price and best quality,Low maintenance cost.

1.1080HD camera
2.Rich in fuction 
(1) It can remotely switch lights on/off through APP 
(2) It has various functions such as taking
pictures,recording videos, playing back and timing lights on and off 
3.High lumen, brightness increased by 50% 
4.P-Mos charging,charging efficiency increased by 20% 
5.“Special” structural design to keep maintenance problems away 
(1) removable waterproof buckle 
(2) Easy-maintaining battery tablet 
6.Multifunctional and portable design for wider practical scenes

This product adopts the design of LED opticallens.Thelens can effectively gather the ray of the lightsource to improve thebrightness and reduce the lightloss. The lightisimproved by more than 20 compared to the traditionalreflector. At the same time,the PC (Teijin) materialis used in the lens of this product which has atransmittance of 92 after processing, which is much higherthan 80 of the transmittance. Summing up the advantages, underthe same configuration, the overall lighting efficiency of thisproductis improved by 30-50% compared with competition

Note: the lens of this product can be used normally in the high temperature range of 125 ℃ and the low temperature of-40℃.The lens will not yellowing and brittle within 5years.The material ha spassed many international certification.

2.P-Moscharging, charging efficiency increased by 20%
This solar controller uses PWM-controlled P-MOS charging, a unique charge/discharge management system with more efficient charge/discharge efficiency. For example: The market routinely uses 6V/30W photovoltaic panels with a peak charging current of 5A;but our product uses 5 V/30W photovoltaic panels with a peak charging current of 6A.The charging efficiency is improved by 20%.In the meantime, the product can be used for high-power lighting with a maximum power of 30 W, which can be applied to floodlit court,10-meter high pole streetlights, architectural lights,etc.


3.Smart power management system, automatic power distribution at night.
We are committed to meet the needs of customers”365 days, daily brightness”, our company hasdeveloped an smart powermanagement system in cooperation with the University of Electronic Science and Technology to make sure our productnotonly hashigher charging efficiency. but also can actively identify the amount of charging perday, so astoindependently adjustthe capacityto achieve a better rainy day efficiency.At the sametime, the user can choose the radar module.After adding theradar module,userscan pick a variety of brightness modes through the remote control, such as bum steady, full radar mode,3+Xmode(steadylight for 3hours, automatically turn to radar after 3hours),4+X mode(steadylight for 3 hours, automatically turn to radar after 3hours),etc.Users can choose the most suitable lighting and monitoring plan according to differentregions and seasons. The radar sensing distanceis 6-8meters, which can be triggered continuously.

4.“Special” structural design to keep maintenance problems away.
(1) .Waterproof design.
This product adopts Snap-On design, does notneed to be glued. it has the characteristics ofquickassembly and easy opening and an IP 66 waterproof rating which means itcan withstand a shortperiod of shallow water immersion (please be careful).
(2) Tableting design.
The battery is fixed by metal pressing, which is better than the methods of the battery gluing in thisvery industry. It has the characteristics of noteasy to fall off, easy disassembling and assembling forenvironmental protection.

5.Smart Solar Flood light with WIFI camera 100W-600W Lighting model

(Note: when the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the system will switch to radar mode.)

6. Smart Solar Flood light with WIFI camera 100W-600W Illustration of remote control

Light-operated mode.
Tightening the waterproof wire and pressing the key”AUTO”,the light will automatically turn on in the dark and turn off to chargeinthe day.
(The remote control has memory function, you can set only once)
Remote-control. The specific functions are shown below.

Important Notification
1.Please do not accept 220VAC to avoid damaging the solar lamp.
2.Please ensure the installation is stable to avoid hurting others.
3.Please do not disassemble thelamp to avoid affecting the warranty
4.Please clean the dust on the solar panel surface every 3 months toavoid affecting the power generation efficiency.


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