Powerful Hybrid On Off Grid solar power system 5KW-10KW,All in one on off solar system

Smart Hybrid solar polar system with High quality & efficiency
Ready-to-use working mode
Staggered power consumption function
Both sell and store electricity
Multi-unit parallel function
Lightin weightand small size, easy installation.
Strong safety. Flexible application for residential&commercialusing.
High return on investment
Low noise, environment-friendly.

Super Friendly:
Home appliance exquisite appearance
Power distribution without opening the box, easyinstallation

High Reliability:
Mechatronics and heat integration design
Adapt to the rural weak grid, stable and not offline
5-year standard warranty

Electrical Tools.
office Equipment.
Household Appliances.
Kitchen Appliances.
lndustrial Equipment.
Home Entertainment Electronics.

Solar Panel

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1. EVA light transmittance is as high as 93%, can withstand 5400PA wind and rain impact.
2. High-quality silicon material and waterproof, better conductivity.
3. Positive A-level strong battery plate, the conversion rate is about 19%.
4. Mono/Poly Material:25 Year Linear Power Output Warranty Photoelectric conversion rate of 21%, low attenuation, stable power generation


4P flat cable + MC4 connector
Rated Voltage:
Rated Current: 55A,70A

Pure sine wave Inverter & MPPT controller

Hybrid Inverter all-in-one
6 smart modes:
Mains priority
lithium battery access
MPPT charging tracking
energy-saving energy storage
LCD screen design
3 LED indicators

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