All in One LED Solar Street Light 30W 50W 60W 80W 100W 120W

All In One Solar Street Light adopts classical concept of ‘All
In One’ and module structure, which offers extremely effective
illumination for a wide range of applications. It’s based upon ‘reliability’
and ‘easier to installation’ as all components integrated in one case.
AIO Series is also an intelligent by combining a programable MPPT
controller, recyclable LifePO4 lithium battery system, asymmetric
illumination LED source and sensitive ‘Smart Eye’ motion sensor, to
realize efficient cost, easier maintenance, saving energy.
SMD5050 Ultra Brightness MPPT Controller 130~140lm/W

• IP65
• Shelf life 25 years
• Presence sensor
• Lithium battery
• Optical system designed for squares and parks

• Three years warranty.
• Easy Installation
• Fully integrated solar technology
• Top pole and wall option
• Light and resistant

all in one solar street light 30W-120W

50W all in one solar street light

all in one solar street light 120W

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